style is such a personal thing.  personal style is, as it should be, unique to each individual person.  but is how we see our own personal style the same as how others view our style?
i used my workmates as guinea pigs for this fun little social experiment/craft project.  each person got two envelopes - a "my style" envelope for them to fill with images they thought represented their own style and a "no peeking...." envelope for others to fill with images.  when the images were collected i got the fun job of creating a good old fashioned cut & paste collage.
when the "my style" collection was put beside the collection of images chosen by others it was interesting to see both the similarities and differences.  and admittedly, it was very fun for me to channel my inner eighties child spending a saturday morning eating cereal, watching cartoons and doing cut & paste.



it is no secret that i love joe fresh.  i think the word "lifestyle" sums it up for me.  the joe (i can call it joe, we're close like that) collection never fails to include at least a few pieces that i covet each season to update my wardrobe.  both inspiring and effortless pieces, luxe and yet cozy.  and so reasonably priced - i can't get enough of the six dollar blush sticks.  six dollars.  gimme two.



links i heart

i have missed blogging.  there, said it.

here's a comeback post featuring some internet goodness.  LINKS I HEART posts have always been a fan favorite so i hope you enjoy.
  • lola eats better than we do - a LIST OF FRUITS & VEG that are safe for rabbits' delicate tummies
  • because you never know what you will find at the thrift - GORGEOUS WIRE CHAIRS spotted by the eagle eyed sherry of YOUNG HOUSE LOVE
  • indoor plants are my latest obsession so THIS POST is my jam; interior design, gorgeous photography and thrifted finds
  • i dare you not to fall in love with this RESCUE PUP'S sweet face, or the HOUSE OF HUMBLE blog in general
  • practical and fair PARENTING ADVICE
  • i actually work for a clothing retailer with a plus department and found THIS POST really inspiring
  • joann shared some of her VINTAGE BOOK COLLECTION  and the conversation inevitably turned towards typeface, graphics and the smell of old books.  so pleased i am not the only weirdo book sniffer out there.
  • i am experiencing full-on SHOWER ENVY
  • add to that some FLOOR ENVY from this gorgeous belgian apartment
  • i have sorta kinda made friends again with PINTEREST - feeling inspired, not overwhelmed... for the time being
  • each spring i fall in love with scarves all over again and THIS HOW-TO is packed with tutorial goodness made easy - just click on the photo of a style you like and it automatically redirects you to a video of simple instructions.  amazing!

  • more sunshine
  • discovering money in your pocket
  • compliments from a co-worker
  • treating oneself to chinese delivery
  • holding small babies
please leave me a link to your latest post!  i would love to check it out and, you never know, maybe it will find its way onto the next links i heart list.


girl crush: emily blunt

i cannot stop watching THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT, i adored her in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and i barely recognized her in LOOPER.  she's gorgeous, has that wonderful accent and isn't afraid to be funny. 

and, plus, also... did you know she's co-starred in productions alongside both dame judi dench (!!!) and jason segal.  coolness factor = through the roof.


wish list - sailor jerry

full disclosure: this post was inspired by a television ad for rum (......).  true story.

i have always been a fan of the "sailor jerry" style of art and tattoo (-ing?  s? oo?) but until recently i didn't know it as a thing with a name.  but it exists and it turns out "sailor jerry" was a real guy who led a super interesting life (neato bio here) and now etsy and the internet is full of cool stuff and images based on his art.  and also, rum.  so there's that.